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New Book and Music

Book Cover for The Supehero in You

Book Coming in 2026!

Using popular superhero tales, psychological research, positive music, and real-life success stories, this book shows you how to reclaim your superpowers and create a successful, meaningful life by dancing to your own authentic beat. Its tools and principles have been proven successful in my workshops for 20 years with thousands of people.

With over 40 in-depth lessons and exercises, this book will help you

-Remove layers of false belief

-Uncover your natural talents 

-Persist through setbacks

-Find your true purpose

-Own your power

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CD cover of Be Your Own Superhero

 New CD Available Now!

Music gives you moxie. So listen up! Consider my newest CD as your own personal K-LIFT radio station that leaves you feeling good about yourself and standing in confidence.


It contains 12 award-winning songs to inspire you to

-Embrace your inner weirdo

-Move through challenging times

-Let go of the past
-Write your own happy ending

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CD back of Be Your Own Superhero
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 Previous CDs and Songs

 Previous CDs and Songs

Call Me Crazy CD

Call Me Crazy

Shake it Up CD

Shake it Up

Shine CD


The Way Home CD

The Way Home

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You're Closer Than You Think (Meditation CD)

Guided Meditation

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Simple Graces CD

Simple Graces

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Infinity + 1, CD

Infinity + 1, Man

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Michelle Chappl debut CD

Michelle Chappel

Book and Music Reviews

“The message that we should be who we really are permeates Michelle Chappel’s music. She instructs us not to mold ourselves to fit the expectations of our parents, teachers, bosses, or anyone else, but instead to realize our authentic selves. This message follows and amplifies the greatest psychologists and counselors of the 20th century — people like Carl Rogers, Abraham Maslow, and Viktor Frankl.”


-David Feldman, PhD, Santa Clara University psychologist,author of Supersurvivors

“The writing is strong and Michelle has a fantastic sound that occasionally reminds me of Lucinda Williams whom I used to go hear at bars in Austin before she became a star.” 


-Daniel Gilbert, PhD, Harvard professor of psychology and international best-selling author of Stumbling on Happiness  

"Michelle Chappel’s simple and practical lessons will unleash creativity in all areas of your life. I would not only recommend this book to people who want to reach their creative potential, but to business leaders who want to give their companies a competitive edge by igniting innovation."


- Jon Gordon, best-selling author of The Energy Bus

“Michelle’s creativity transforms lives. In her workshops, music, and new superhero book, she touches our hearts to reveal powerful new possibilities.” 


-Diane Dreher, PhD, best-selling author of The Tao of Inner Peace

“In a world filled with “cookie cutter” recording artists, Michelle Chappel stands head and shoulders above the crowd.”


-Greg Edmunson, music composer for the hit TV series, “King of the Hill”

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