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Clients and Testimonials

Have you ever wondered, "What am I good at?" I can help you find your greatest gifts. My transformational tools work with many people, from teachers and artists to business executives and young people first starting their careers. Be sure to download the 7 Questions Quiz so I can dig deep with you. It's fun!

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Take your career up to the next level, start a new vocation that fills your wallet AND your soul, or start your own successful business by finding your unique superpowers.

“I felt caged in a successful Silicon Valley high-tech job and starved for spiritual activity. Michelle’s class helped me to rethink my career. The class works.”

-Chuck Markee

Audience sitting back row at a Concert
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Learn techniques to kick the inner critic to the curb, get “in the zone,” access inspiration, and live up to your full creative potential in work and life.

“Michelle's class went beyond my expectations. I broke through my block and started writing again.”

-Bill Roberts

Several Youth Holding Hands Raised Over Their Heads
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Discover your divinely-given gifts and succeed in life by being of service to others.


“I am so glad Michelle shared her music and spirit. It couldn’t have been more perfect.”    

-Eric Odel, Minister at Amazing Grace 

Many Business People in a Conference Room
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Build superhero teams and create breakthrough products by showing employees how to combine their divergent superpowers.

"Everyone found Michelle’s ideas very interesting and thought-provoking. We’d really like to get her back.”  

-Tom Wailes, Senior UX Director, Yahoo!

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Learn how to be a real superwoman by being the person you were born to be, not what others expect. Discover your most amazing gifts, focus on what has meaning and heart, and live an empowered and authentic life.

“Michelle’s workshop is the most inspiring and life-changing course I have ever taken.”

-Cindy King

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Discover what makes you unique, build self-confidence, and succeed in school and life by being your own superhero. School assemblies are customized for students in elementary school through college. 

“Michelle’s keynote speech to the International Community School (ICS) young men and women, and their parents, was uniformly and exceptionally well received. It was touching and uncommon. Her true light shone.”

-Raj Paul

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