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You were born with amazing superpowers
that no one else has
Dr. Michelle Chappel can
help you find your gifts
& transform your life

Find Your Hidden Superpowers 

  • Are you facing a life or career crossroads and feeling lost?

  • Do you feel stressed out in a job that doesn’t fit who you are?

  • Are you longing for more authenticity and purpose in your life? 


 If so, you probably suffer from "Suppressed Superpower Syndrome." 

To fit in with others, you buried your unique gifts in the unconscious and forgot who you truly are.

It's time to take your power back!

Welcome! I'm so glad you're here!
Using psychology, inspirational music, and client success stories, I will take you on a journey to reclaim your one-of-a-kind superpowers and succeed in life by being the total rock star you were born to be.


Headshot of Dr. Michelle Chappel against a blue background

I'm a psychology professor turned rock 'n' roll star with a Ph.D. from Princeton and songs on the charts. 


As a life and career coach, I've shown thousands of people how to recover their greatest gifts in careers that fill their souls and important passion projects that make them feel whole. 

Now it's your turn!


It can be hard to find your life purpose, the same way it's hard to find the North Star in the sky. Most people never find that single-star talent to center their lives around.


That's why the #1 regret of the dying is that they didn't live a life true to themselves.


You were born with a soul purpose and a group of gifts to fulfill it. Just as the Big Dipper has 7 stars, you have a constellation of superpowers that point to your true north.


Any strength, value, or passion can put you on the right path. You don’t need to follow just one steady star. 

Alaska state flag showing the Big Dipper pointing to the North Star


Logo  with a 7 against a red circle with questions to find your superpower
Take this quiz and book a free session with me to start your journey.

EASY - What comes naturally to you that you may take for granted?

MOMENT - What makes time disappear when you do it?

PASSION - What are you curious about, enlivened by?

OPINION - What do people ask you for advice about?

WEIRD - What makes you unique / stand out from others?

EARLY - What were you drawn to as a child or young adult?

REWARDING - What would you do for free, it's so intrinsically rewarding?


Podcast with Michelle Chappel as Superhero with Guitar and Your True Calling headline

No two people are alike, not even twins. And yet, our families, schools, and jobs pressure us to conform. Life is too short to live someone else’s idea of who you should be.

In my podcast, I share stories of how my clients found new abilities they didn't know they had and rocked their lives and careers. I also interview experts and everyday people about how they found their life calling. I coach listeners like you to uncover your hidden superpowers and purpose so that you can thrive personally and professionally, too.


A line of 10 ordinary people walking down dressed up as their own superheroes

Superheroes aren’t going to save the day, but that’s okay because you have your own superpowers; you just don’t know it yet. It's time to create the life you were born to lead. 


   “I would recommend Michelle’s class highly to anyone who wishes to learn a great deal about who they truly are and to make huge, positive changes in their life. The revelations of truth I’ve experienced about who I am and what I want in life have been truly incredible.”


-Lynne Cheney

   “What a gifted teacher Michelle is. I am always so unarmed by the strength of her vulnerability, and also by her perceptions and knowledge. She hit a lot of things right on the nail for me. She has a very beautiful, powerful, presence.”


-Laurie Agard

   “Michelle’s music heals. I haven’t seen anything like Michelle since I interviewed Shakti Gawaiin and John Gray before he made it big. She’s a star.”

-Emmy Moore Minister, host of the TV show Voice of the Valley

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