Finding Your Hidden Superpowers 

The #1 reason you don't know your true calling is because you buried your unique gifts in the unconscious to fit in and forgot who you are.
It's time to take your power back!

I'm a psychology-professor-turned-rock star with a PhD from Princeton who's shown thousands of people how to reclaim their greatest gifts in soul-filling careers and important passion projects that make them feel whole.

Using cognitive psychology, inspirational music, and real-life success stories, I will take you on a journey to recover your own special superpowers and succeed in life by being the total rock star you were born to be.


For years, I felt like something was missing from my life, but I couldn’t put my finger on what it was. I was musically inclined as a child, but no one seemed to care so I forgot all about it. After I got my doctorate in psychology, I discovered I could sing and play guitar and ditched my successful academic career to become a rock star. Since then, my songs have been on the charts, and I've coached clients to find their lost superpowers and live their dreams, too. Now it’s your turn.



No two people are alike, not even twins. And yet, our families, schools, and jobs pressure us to fit in. In this weekly podcast, Michelle shares stories of how her clients reclaimed their greatest gifts in soul-filling careers and important passion projects that make them feel whole, and coaches listeners like you to help you uncover your own superpowers and purpose


The biggest myth that keeps you from finding your true calling is believing you’re supposed to find a North Star to guide you, a sole strength to center your life around. But the North Star is hard to find. It's easier to scan the heavens for the Big Dipper which points right at it. Like the Big Dipper, you were born with a constellation of gifts, not just one special ability. That means that any talent, value, or passion can guide you to your purpose. You don’t need to rely on just one steady star to follow.


What talent or skill is trying to get your attention right now? 




Advanced Praise:

“Michelle Chappel’s simple and practical lessons will unleash creativity in all areas of your life. I would not only recommend this book to people who want to reach their creative potential, but to business leaders who want to give their companies a competitive edge by igniting innovation.” 

-Jon Gordon, business best-selling author of The Energy Bus


   “I would recommend Michelle’s class highly to anyone who wishes to learn a great deal about who they truly are and to make huge, positive changes in their life. The revelations of truth I’ve experienced about who I am and what I want in life have been truly incredible.”


-Lynne Cheney

   “What a gifted teacher Michelle is. I am always so unarmed by the strength of her vulnerability, and also by her perceptions and knowledge. She hit a lot of things right on the nail for me. She has a very beautiful, powerful, presence.”


-Laurie Agard

   “Michelle’s music heals. I haven’t seen anything like Michelle since I interviewed Shakti Gawaiin and John Gray before he made it big. She’s a star.”

-Emmy Moore Minister, host of the TV show Voice of the Valley